Dads Driving School

Nearly half of learner drivers opt to take lessons with a parent despite the risk of high stress levels and potential accidents.

Research from car buying and selling website found that 49% of learner drivers opted to take free lessons with a parent.

However, this can lead to high stress and potentially dangerous situations with one-in-seven learners recalling being yelled at repeatedly and one-in-20 saying they almost had an accident. It also led to one-in-10 parents admitting they grabbed the wheel during lessons.

The research cited the cost of learning to drive as a reason for turning to the school of mum and dad. Learner drivers face an average £774 to get a full licence and nearly a quarter of drivers (23%) had their first driving lessons bought for them as a gift by their parents. 

One-in-five said their parents funded every single lesson they took with an instructor. 


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