Month: January 2016

Dads Driving School

Nearly half of learner drivers opt to take lessons with a parent despite the risk of high stress levels and potential accidents.

Research from car buying and selling website found that 49% of learner drivers opted to take free lessons with a parent.

However, this can lead to high stress and potentially dangerous situations with one-in-seven learners recalling being yelled at repeatedly and one-in-20 saying they almost had an accident. It also led to one-in-10 parents admitting they grabbed the wheel during lessons.

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Part 1 Pass Rates Revealed

The number of PDIs passing their Part 1 theory test in Q3 2015 has rose by two-fifths on the previous year according to the latest government figures.
Between July and September 2015, there was a 40.4% change in the number of passes in Q3 2015 compared with the previous year with 882 passing their Part 1 theory test – a 56% pass rate.
Part 2 practical tests saw a 20.4% rise compared with the previous year with 650 passes, a 57% pass rate, while 348 passed Part 3, a rate of 35.7% and a 21.7% rise on Q3 2014.
As of September 2015, there were 40,667 ADIs on register, a 4.1% decline over last year reflecting the continued downward trend which the Department for Transport (DfT) said “may be linked to a reduced demand for instructors, related to what was until recently a reducing number of car practical test”.
During July to September 2015, 2,364 Standards Checks were conducted on ADIs, taking the total with a grade under the new standards to 13,750. Of these, 26.1% scored an A, 65.3% a B and 8.6% had failed. 
Of 141 CBT instructor check tests conducted during July to September, 130 had a satisfactory result. 
Meanwhile, 444,232 practical driving tests were conducted between July and September, a 4.7% rise over last year, while 571,688 theory tests were held – a 17.3% rise.
Almost 90% of these were car tests while the number of large goods vehicle practical and theory tests of all types was 34% higher than Q3 2014 which the DfT put down to “increased demand for drivers in the economy’.
Out of the 383,810 practical car test conducted, 181,110 passed – a rate of 47.2% – while there were 510,013 theory tests where 255,908 passed, a pass rate of 50.2%.
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More Motorway Lessons for ADI’S

JUST before Christmas the  Driver Vehicle Standards Agency unveiled a raft of measures to improve the safety of Britain’s roads.
The proposals will ensure learner drivers are properly prepared before their test, including the chance to gain motorway experience with an approved driving instructor. This follows plans announced in November to introduce a deposit which is returned to the learner driver if they pass, thereby encouraging them to take their test when they are ready, rather than rushing it.
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New Career New Lifestyle

 Looking to change your lifestyle?

Are you looking for a new challenge?

 Many People become driving instructors for many different reasons and for some people, this is the best job they will ever do

So why do you want to be a Professional  driving instructor?

More control of your work life balance?

Choose the hours you want to work and take time of when you want.


Better earnings potential?

Average lessons are £23 per hour and full time instructors
earn £25-£35K per year.

Job Security?

No redundancy and a skill for life. It is YOUR qualification and
YOUR driving school.

To be your own boss?

Put your family first and push your career where you want.


Better Job Satisfaction?

Go to work with a smile on your face, knowing you are doing a job you love.




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