Being able to make a Choice In Life
Many people dream of changing their career and improving their lifestyle until it’s to late and then find the opportunity has passed them by.
Driving Instructor Training – The Opportunity is Right Now.
This is your chance to be in control of your future and choose the days and hours you work. This is  something that lots of  people  have never had the luxury of or ever will have, sad but true.

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Unfortunately, many of the large national driving instructor training companies have tarnished the industry by insisting on on long term and very very water tight legal contracts. Then failing to provide the driving instructor with a viable number of pupils which were promised to make the franchise actually work financially. This had led to several investigations by BBC Watchdog and rip off Britain. 

The very fact that I live and operate in your local area means we have to be very transparent in everything we do and feel it is paramount to offer a no quibble refund policy on demand and for what ever the may be reason.
Ok so you are probably thinking what is involved in becoming a driving instructor and would the driving instructor career path be suited to your own needs?

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